Bean Bags for Kids

When it comes to bean bags, no one loves them more than kids.

Even little people need somewhere they can relax at the end of the day, and there's no where better to relax than a bean bag. Kids are well known for being rough with their things, and furniture is no different. Whether it be indoors, outdoors or in the pool, bean bags for kids needs to be durable and strong enough to last more than just one season!

Our kids range includes indoor and outdoor bean bag chairs for kids, the floating pool Nemo in charcoal and our newest release of kids floating pool toys including 5 gorgeous animals to play with all Summer long.

The Kids Mini Lounger is the next best thing for your children's bedrooms, playrooms or your loungeroom, with great colours to choose from. Coming in a selection of vibrant and neutral colours, your little ones can have something bright or easy on the eyes! Available in baby Blue, bright Pink or a neutral Taupe, there is something for every occasion and style of house. These gorgeous designer bean bags are perfect for when you want to sit back with the family on a Saturday afternoon, without having to squeeze everyone onto one single lounger. With the Kids Mini Lounger, you and your significant other can relax while your little ones relax on their very own luxury bean bag.

Not only is the Kids Mini Lounger great for indoors, this versatile children's bean bag can be taken outside for an afternoon barbecue or snacks on the patio. Simply pick up and take outside for comfort in the shade that can be enjoyed in the calm Summer breeze.

Speaking of diverse bean bags for kids, the Weekender is one of our newest additions to our indoor, outdoor and kid's range of bean bags. The Weekender is styled as a subtle 2-seater bean bag for kids to enjoy, wherever they go. In either Slate Grey or Midnight Blue, The Weekender can be tucked away under a bed or in the cupboard when the kids are at school, then pulled out for afternoon fun and games whenever it suits. Perfect for family movie nights, sleepovers and birthday parties, and great to use as an extra seat when you forgot to count your friends' kids into the seating arrangement for New Years Eve drinks!

If you're taking the party outside, make sure you take The Weekender with you for a fantastic back-yard setup that welcomes everyone to the party.

Finally, the Lennox is a great seat for your kids whether you are in the back yard, pool area or have gone to the beach for the day. The Lennox is one of our best-selling outdoor bean bags for adults and kids alike, and it's not hard to figure out why! Made close to the ground, with an unbeatable back and neck rest, you just can't go wrong with the Lennox. Since there isn’t a drop from the knees to feet, the Lennox is perfect for all shapes and sizes, with an expanding base to meet all widths, and seat that gradually extends to the ground so your feet are never left hanging. Perfect for indoors and out, the Lennox is at the top of luxury for outdoor childrens bean bags Australia and the world.

While on the topic of outdoors, the Kids Nemo is perfect for the pool if the kids want something else to play with. The Nemo in Charcoal is a gorgeous outdoor floating pool bean bag that suits every environment. Not only can kids float around all day, but adults can too! Perfect for lazy days in the sunshine and Christmas afternoons. Once you're finished in the pool, you can simply remove from the pool and use on the grass! Great for parties and barbecues, the Nemo is another fantastically diverse outdoor and floating pool bean bag for kids and adults alike.

Epona Co. is excited to be releasing a new line of pool toys just in time for Summer 2020. We have 5 new animals, including Ollie and Inky the Octopus, Myrtle the Turtle, and Rocky and Ringo Star Fish. In 5 beautiful colours, these pool toys are just too cute to ignore. Ollie and Inky the Octopus are orange and purple, and are the biggest of the 5 new outdoor bean bag toys. With lots of tentacles to play with, the kids will never get tired of these fun octopods. Myrtle the Turtle is as calm as the sea with her pretty green and blue shell. Great for pool games with friends, Myrtle is a great way to spend hours of fun. Ringo and Rocky are our groovy new Star Fish floating pool bean bag toys. Great for when the kids just want something to hold on to, or toss a toy around the pool with each other. You'll never get tired of watching them play with their favourite pool toys.

All of our fun-sized kids bean bags are protected with approved safety zippers, so there's no chance of little fingers opening the zips accidentally! Our dual-liner system has made them even more secure, with 3 zips between your children and the beans for our Mini Loungers, The Lennox and The Weekender, and safety zips on all pool toys and floating kids bean bags.

Mums and dads, you'll love them too as cleaning them is all too easy with easy-clean fabric that can be wiped down with a warm cloth… no more struggles with special cleaners and washing machines.

We want to make sure there is something for everyone here at Epona Co. …Because Life's better in a Bean Bag.