Bean bag dog beds designed by dog lovers

We’re animal lovers at EponaCo. But we also don’t like having to fight with our pets for the most comfortable spot on the lounge.

After a busy day of walks and playing, we believe that every dog ​​needs a comfortable place to rest and recharge. Where your dog sleeps is the centre of its universe.

Luxury bean bag furniture isn’t just ergonomic and awesome for you and I, it’s now available to be enjoyed by your best friend.

Our dogs are part of our family, why shouldn’t they have their very own special bed?

Why are dog bean bag beds better for Dogs?

Depending on your dog’s breed, personality and age, they can sleep for up to 16 hours a day.

It might look like dogs can sleep anywhere, but give them the chance and they’ll snap up the comfiest spot in the room quick smart. Many dogs are very particular about their sleeping habits and studies have shown that just like it does for humans, a good sleep helps dogs learn more effectively and can actually improve their behaviour.

Bean bag dog beds are a comfortable and ergonomic sleeping place for your pet and most people find they very quickly overtake any other bed they used to have as their favourite place to snuggle in and sleep.

The inner bean bag filling shifts gently with your dog’s movements evenly so they can find the perfect sleeping spot every time. We also designed our dog bean bags to have built-in venting to keep them cool in summer and allow air to circulate keeping the bed fresher for longer. Each dog bean bag bed comes topped with a removable soft fur cover. Comfort and practicality, what more could a dog ask for?

But not every bean bag dog bed is made equal.

Designing the perfect dog bean bag bed

When designing our luxurious bean bag dog bed, we created a list of important features that are hard to find in the majority of other dog beds.

What’s the point of spending the money on a pet bean bag if my dog is going to destroy it anyway? Low-cost dog bean bag beds use cheap materials and there’s not much chance of them standing up to your dogs sharp teeth. Ours are different.

Our dog bean bag beds are perfect for:

  • Indoor and outdoor dogs
  • Dogs of all breeds and sizes
  • Dogs who tend to chew their beds
  • Taking on the go with your dog to the beach, park or on holiday


What kind of bean bag dog bed is best for my dog?

A tough one.

That’s why all of our pet bean bags are made from Water-Proof & Chew Resistant 1680D PVC Backed Polyester. Our bean bag dog bed material is:

  • Chew resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-clawing
  • Easy to zip off and wash
  • Resistant to “Dog Smell”
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Get a dog bean bag bed that can be used indoors and outdoors

If you’re planning on taking your dog’s bed outside at any point, an indoor dog bed will deteriorate quickly when exposed to the elements. That’s bad news if you want to take your best friend and their new bed to the park for a picnic.

But there are some dog beds, like our Luxury Pet Lounger that can be used both inside and out whatever the weather.

EponaCo bean bag dog beds are durable and versatile, designed to endure all the love your pet can throw at it and remain their favourite spot in the house for years to come.