Floating Pool Bean Bags

There is nothing more comfortable than floating on top of the pool with a pool float that breaths, feels beautiful and soft on the skin and moulds to the body to distribute your weight perfectly!  Epona Co. Floating pool bean bags are amazingly comfortable, and unlike all the other pool floats and toys in your pool, they last for years!  Use quality furniture in your pool that looks beautiful, feels amazing and creates even more great family memories.  The kids will struggle to push Dad off these!

Our Products and their Benefits:
Our Premium UV-rated products include the Moby and the Nemo. We have especially designed two styles of bean bags - a small bean bag and a large bean bag - to meet the needs of all occasions. Made from the highest quality olefin material so they can live in the sun.  These products are perfect for adults, teenagers and children. Whether you are having a family barbecue or organising a special event, these floating bean bags are the perfect entertainment for all ages.
The Nemo:
The Nemo is a single adult pool lounger that takes a circular design, allowing it to be enjoyed from any angle and position. By sinking the centre and allowing the bean filling to raise the edge, the Nemo raises the legs and back for an indulgent and relaxing experience and takes pressure off your core for balance. This design features a convenient and sizeable carry handle, making transport simple and comfortable. Available in light blue and grey piping, or charcoal and pink piping, this product is perfect for relaxing subtly, or making a statement.
The Moby:
The Moby is an exquisite 2-adult bean bag for your pool and pool area. The wide rectangular shape can support 2 people laying back and relaxing, or one person who is feeling especially indulgent. Made with Custom Milled UV Rated Olefin, this product is designed to withstand the harsh weather that a coastal climate can throw your way. It is sturdy and mould resistant, with the fast-drying Flowtex that we have incorporated into all of our products. Not only that, but the Moby is fade-resistant, meaning you don't have to worry about your beautiful pool products losing colour as Summer progresses. The Moby is available in a range of timeless colours, suiting all environments.
Our Floating Pool Range has utilised our Flowtex Self-Draining System and modified it further, to ensure better drainage and drying of your pool bean bags, as well as making it easier to take them out of the pool. Our luxury outdoor Moby features a completely mesh inner-liner, allowing water to fall through without getting caught, but keeps the bean filling securely inside. For further convenience, the outer bean bag liner has a firm mesh base made from Robust Textilene ensuring a damage-resistant base that assists with the self-draining process. This mesh base also allows water to move freely through the bag when you are relaxing in the pool, making you feel as light as a feather. The inner liner of the Moby features a dual zip system for safety and convenience. The outer zip maintains the shape of the liner and assists in securing the bean bag filling inside the liner, and the inner liner and fabric act a second protective barrier between the bean bag filler and the outside world, as well as forming an easy-fill chute that works specifically with our Zip-and-Tip System.
The Nemo simply comprises of a UV cover, with beans going directly into the custom-milled UV Rated Olefin cover with a Robust Textilene base. As it doesn't have an inner liner, the dual zip safety system is a part of the outer liner. All products feature a child-resistant zipping system that requires a paper clip to unlock the zip, in order for it to be zipped and unzipped.
The paper clip cannot be supplied by Epona Co., as it can present as a choking hazard for young children and infants. By having child-resistant zip systems, we are striving for absolute safety for yourself and your family.
All Mobys feature a carry handle to make removing them from the pool a breeze. Not only that, but you can use the handle on your Moby hang it up to dry and store.
Waterproof Bean Bags - Drying and Maintenance:
To dry, simply take your Epona Co. Floating Pool bean bag out of the water and stand on a dry surface to allow the water to drain straight out of the mesh base.
Maintaining your Epona Co. Moby is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
      1. Remove outer cover
      2. Wash outer liner in a front loading washing machine
      3. Place back on the bean bag to dry.

    The Nemo is simpler, requiring only a gentle wash and rinse on the bean bag cover as it does not feature an inner liner. Be sure to gently hand-clean your Epona Co. Product every couple of months to keep the fabric in top condition. Any damage caused by harsh chemicals, brushes or washing machines is not covered in the Epona Co. warranty.
    All Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags, including the CloudSac, are able to be used around the pool, however any products that aren't specified as Floating/Pool products won't feature a mesh liner, making them difficult to remove from the pool and are not intended to be used in the water.  For safety please only use products intended for pool use in the pool.  

    Bean Filling:
    We recommend our floating pool bean bags use filling from Big W, Kmart, Target or similar department stores as the micro beans get very heavy when wet and could be a safety hazard.  Please contact us if you have any questions.
    Our floating pool bean bags are perfect for a relaxing afternoon or a party with your friends. These stylish, comfy bean bags are bound to be a conversation point between you and your friends, and there are sure to be arguments over who gets to use them next! They can be used in the pool or on the ground for picnics, parties, sleepovers or just as an extra seat. For a resort-style pool area, make sure you get your hands on these luxury outdoor floating bean bags.
    Epona Co. Process and ship your order within 48 hours of ordering.  We offer Free Standard Shipping and use the fastest method available to your address.  We offer Express Shipping via Australia Post  and post internationally as well.   Our primary focus at Epona Co. Is quality and comfort, so if you have any questions feel free to contact us via phone call, text, or via email on our 'Contact Us' page.